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In Job cities: Milan

09 December, 2014

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Date of Publication: 09 December, 2014
The financial and geographic heart of Northern Italy, Milan is a complicated city: its beauty requires an attentive viewer, local salaries are not high, especially compared to the cost of life, and workdays can easily turn in nights. But once you have perceived the city’s armour, you’ll be surprised to discover that it has won you over.

You can be serious even when you’re laughing with your colleagues.

Often, when we hear a good laughter coming from the meeting room, we think “Weren’t they supposed to work?”.

Well: it’s time for a change of attitude.

Laughing is in fact the most efficient and cheap way to regenerate the body and the mind, since it brings more oxygen to the brain and the body, whilst stimulating the deep diaphragmatic breathing.

Milan also means fashion; whether it is mainstream, made by Giorgio Armani or Dolce and Gabbana, or infused with the hip vibe, you’ll discover a city where people love to dress sharply and well, or at least with a certain style.

Its vibrant cultural environment is suffering from the Italian economic crisis, but at the same time it is raising again, in new more spontaneous forms.

Given the said crisis, to find a job in Milan is no piece of pie and the Milanese work ethic borders into workaholism: often, stories of extra-hours are told with a certain pride.


As said, Milan can be quite expensive and housing is no exception. First and foremost, the vast majority of the rentable places are two-room apartments (and however small they can easily cost you 1,200 euros and up per month).

A very typical flat is the ringhiera (railing) house: built in the early years of the twentieth century. They were a kind of workers’ houses made of different flats connected by external, long and metal corridors served by stairs. The windows and doors of each flat overlook the courtyard. Now, as renovated as they might be, they still have their charm, but if you are looking for privacy, well, they are not for you.

Top 3 neighbourhoods

1) Navigli: fun, perfect for a young expat but also suitable for families, especially in the depth of via Savona or in the San Gottardo area.

2) Lambrate: In the process of becoming the new “it” neighbourhood (its nickname is Lambrookilin!), it offers a lot in terms of design and nightlife, with that Williamsburg cosy feeling. You can still find some bargain housing here, if you look carefully.

 3) Isola: One of the most artsy neighbourhood, perfect for families except for the prices.

Even though Milan is not attracting as many expats as it used to, there is a flourishing expat community with people from all over the world arranging meetings and appointments, so that it is very unlikely to feel alone there. And you can also find some help to wrestle the ultimate Italian nightmare: bureaucracy!

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