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In Job cities: discovering Miami

10 February, 2015

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Date of Publication: 10 February, 2015
Miami is already part of your personal background even if you have never been there. It has been in your TV for ages as the perfect location for the perfect TV series, or it has been featured in the news. Often it’s an album on the facebook page of many friends, a song, a state of mind, and now it’s going to be the city you’ll call home.

Miami is a big beautiful mess, full of the strangest characters you are going to meet in your entire life.

People drive like crazy, traffic jams are the rule and parking lots can be a bit challenging.

If you are familiar with US customs, be prepared. Miami is a far cry from anything else in the USA as influenced as it is by the latino culture.

58% of the population is foreign born and Spanish is the first language for the vast majority of Miamians.

The weather.

Miami is a tropical city. Summers can be tough: hot, humid, rain everyday (but it doesn’t stick and the sun always wins), with the chance to face not major hurricanes. Winters are sweet and warm.

Downtown Miami.

The city business district (where In Job is opening a new branch, in Brickwell) is a great place to live and work, while virtually reducing your commuting time to zero. Office buildings, museums, retail shops, the Miami port: this neighbourhood has it all.

Coral Gables. 

Not far from downtown Miami, yet completely different with its small town flair.

Bal Harbour.

This is perfect if yours is a large budget and you don’t want to miss, but on the rich and luxurious Miami way of life.

These districts are also generally safe, but please notice that crime rates vary from neighbourhood to neighbourhood. Check neighbourhood Scout to make sure your house is located in a safe place.

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