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23 December, 2014

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Date of Publication: 23 December, 2014
You’ve been working harder than ever in the last few days. Things at work have been hectic and now you have nothing to put under the Christmas tree. Traditionally, this could be solved in a rushed mission to the mall, where you’ll end up with dubiously wrapped gifts no one will really care about. Or, you could play it smart.

First and foremost, write down a list with all the people you have to make a gift to.

Plan wisely: who are you going to see in the next few days? No shopping online for them: it is unlikely that presents will show up on time.

Next move: group people up and “assign” them the right shop.

This will make you save time.


Bookshops can easily solve half of your problems, especially this year. Here you’ll find some ideas.

Ship of Theseus. JJ Abrahms (the man behind Lost) is behind this book and it’s genius. The book itself is something that stands out on a bookshelf; it mimics a book  taken from a library and it is filled with tokens, postcards, elements that seem real and are destined to become part of the story (or stories: page after page the reader will go through a novel but also through the impact this novel have on other readers). This is perfect for: “Lost” and fantasy lovers, book worms, teenagers nieces, elder brothers.

Emma, Alexander McCall Smith. This book is part of a very strange project, where famous authors are asked to write a modern version of Jane Austen’s classics. This is perfect for: every woman of every age around you.

Never ending story, Michael Ende. A perfect book for everyone, it is even more perfect for kids from 8 to 16 years old.

Design and home furniture shops

Here you can buy objects with a certain charm and a Christmas vibe. Christmas tree balls made by famous designers still come with a doable price. Pillows, prints to be hang on the wall, and splendid ceramics (don’t worry, they are back on trend) can be perfect for newlyweds, people who have just moved in a new house. Remember: this kind of item is not strictly for women.   

Charity and social gift

Many charity associations allow you to make a donation as a Christmas gift for a friend or a relative and gives you back a token of your action wrap and put under the Christmas Tree. Look hard on your list: you want to share this gift with someone special that can truly appreciate it.

Happy Christmas!

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