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Managing a long distance relationship

15 July, 2014

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Date of Publication: 15 July, 2014
What to do when love becomes an international affair.

You are facing the chance of your life: a job opportunity you have worked for so hard. Yet, in order to get it, you have to go and live for several months in another country, where you’ll experience a different culture, language and habits.This sounds so good and promising. Yet, there is one minus: your job takes you abroad, but your love life stays.

A long distance relationship certainly requires some extra-efforts. If anything, you are going to experience something completely new and you are going to be affect by it, for better and for worse. While the half of the couple who stays is going to keep on with the life you both now.

This can lead to develop differences and a distance that is more tricky than the physical one.

Here are some rules that can help smooth this situation.

 1.  Meet regularly

As much as you are going to lose the old routine, build together a new one. Try to see each other as much as you can, even if it requires to give up some sleep. We would suggest that once a month is a good average. Make the best out of that visit and if it’s your companion who’s coming to see you in your new city, try to make him or her experience it at the fullest.

 2.  Communicate

Thanks to modern technology, to communicate has become easier and easier. Video chats are the best tool you have on your side. Find a little time everyday to virtually meet your partner and catch up with him or her.

 3.  Understand

As much as you are going to experience something new, exciting or difficult as it may be, your partner is going to live the old day-by-day: sometimes, this means that time will have a different pace for you. Two days abroad are different from two days at home.

 4.  Cut the crap

A long distance relationship has no space for jealousy or minor silly quarrels that are so easy to smooth face to face (or at least, are easier to smooth face to face). Don’t wait to make peace.

 5.  Surprise

Send your partner something, every now and then: a small present, a package, everything will do, just to prove you are still committed and that you are willing to make things easier for the two of you. After all, you are the one who got away, aren’t you?

Honesty, communication and consistency will be the three keywords to build your long distance relationship on, so that you’ll always have to stick with them.

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