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Italy: the Extraordinary Commonplace

26 January, 2015

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Date of Publication: 26 January, 2015
A country known for its beautiful history, for the mantra “pizza, pasta, mandolino”. Mob, Mum, the sun and good food. But apparently Italy is much more than this and the Ministry of economic Development created a video to tell everybody what you can find behind the commonplace.

Pizza makers? Ok, they invented pizza. But Italy is also a world leader in the creation of major infrastructures. Doha and Copenhagen metro, for instance, are examples of Made in Italy, as strange as it could seem.

Latin lovers? Well. Maybe. But they have somewhat become rusty – the macho crisis hit the country big time. In the mean time, Italy has the world’s 5th largest surplus in manufacturing goods.

Lazy? Yes. No. Laziness is something very personal and the Italian branch of a multinational company is suffering the crisis and is understaffed. You can almost bet on it. And from understaffing comes a lot of, often not paid, extra works hours. We are talking late nights and weekends, for months.

Football Maniacs? Yes, they are and it’s almost compulsory. But at the same time, Italy is the country with the greatest number of Unesco world heritage sites. And there is a growing number of Italians who are leaving football fandom to discover them.

Eternal children? Yes, yes, yes. Sorry, Italy, but you still get your first job later – compared to other countries, and consequently tend to live with your parents longer.

Watch the video Here


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