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Is your company smoke-free?

31 May, 2017

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Date of Publication: 31 May, 2017
Even though anti-smoking campaigns and restrictions are getting more and more popular, there are too many workers that keep smoking. While some researchers analyze if it could lead to productivity issues, companies are thinking about the possible strategies. How to protect employee's and businesses' health without any friction with smoking colleagues?

In recent years, even the American tobacco companies forbidden smoking inside the offices. Since last year in Italy, recent policies broadened this ban to the areas nearby hospitals and inside cars in presence of minors. Cigarettes' price is continuously increasing, packages are less and less tempting, health issues keep becoming evident, on the other hand, smoking colleagues, who don't want to quit or can't do it are too many.

For a manager, this matter hits both the health of the whole team - also because of the renown problems linked to passive smoke - and productivity, because statistics say that all those hours wasted smoking may have a considerable importance.

Denmark thought to permit smoke breaks only under payment, decreasing the salary according to the time spent smoking. But these kind of aggressive strategies risks to annoy peers and push away from the company precious resources.

In recent years, many businesses started anti-smoking projects and policies to create a common path towards smoke-free companies. It all begins with a company internal project that evaluates the current situation. It decides whether to establish a complete or partial ban drawing up some guidelines and a precise action plan, to be put into effects by using support programs for smoking employees.

Self-help tools, medical sessions, classes and individual or group therapies. The company has many aces in the hole to motivate smoking employees in quitting. An effort that can bring to the company more advantages than those expected, because smoking is often linked to work-related stress. Dealing with your own employees' health can be a way to optimize your business' performance too.
However, there is still a shared belief that this is too intrusive.


Based on the Italian article “La tua azienda è smoke free?” : http://www.injob.com/it/it/career-plan/come-gestire-fumo-in-azienda

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