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Interview Irina Nikolina, Recruitment and Learning Specialist, Ricoh Rus

05 April, 2017

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Date of Publication: 05 April, 2017
Irina Nikolina, Recruitment and Training Specialist of Ricoh Rus, told us about the qualities that an employee of the company should have, and what career opportunities are provided to successful candidates.

How long have you been an In Job client?
Our company has been an In Job client for more than five years.

Employees for what kind of positions do you search with the help of In Job more often?
Ricoh Rus is the official representative of Ricoh Co., Ltd. on the Russian market and a number of CIS countries. Our company specializes in office equipment, solutions for production printing, document management systems and IT services.

Mostly we address the company for searching narrow-focused specialists, who are few on the market, for example, Product Managers, Sales Managers, Presale Managers. The search of such candidates is more effective with a help of outsourcing company that uses direct search and has a qualitative base of applicants. On the average, we apply to In Job for finding employees every 1-2 months.

What qualities and skills are you looking for in employees?
Ricoh Rus has corporate competencies that are important for successful work of every employee. These include a will to victory, teamwork, customer focus, innovations, ethics, and conscientiousness. In order to evaluate the conscientiousness of an applicant, we ask candidates to tell about getting into a situation of conflict of interest and about his or her behavior in this situation. Based on the story we can assume how this person will behave in the future. In Job specialists use the same principles in employee selection.

Ricoh is a global corporation headquartered in Tokyo, with 110 000 employees worldwide. Thereby we search for specialists with a high level of proficiency in spoken English language. Those candidates, who were interviewed by In Job specialists, completely satisfy this requirement and we can be sure that there is no need for an additional test from our side.

What opportunities for career development does Ricoh Rus provide to its employees?
We pay great attention to the development of employees and use a variety of tools to accomplish this: training with the help of external providers and our experts, e-learning, involvement in various projects. We follow the results and growth of our colleagues by means of an annual performance assessment. We have many opportunities and more importantly, positive examples of the horizontal and vertical development of our employees.

Could you please give an example of a successfully chosen candidate?
For example, recently we were looking for someone ready to head a new department of the company. The request was quite complicated as that area had been innovative not only for our company but for the market in general. Besides professional knowledge, the candidate had to demonstrate management skills, strong change management skills, in order to offer effective solutions for the company and to promote them in the market. Recently thanks to In Job specialists, we have found an employee for this position. He is now working successfully in our team.

How would you evaluate the result of cooperation with the company in general?
In Job has definitely met my expectations. The agency handles applications thoroughly, conducts careful preliminary work and provides a selection of those candidates that fit our profile.

I have wide experience in recruiting and I can confirm with certainty that In Job specialists render great help in work, always act quickly, focusing on the goal and the result.

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