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Internal Communication. Even more digital and strategic

16 March, 2017

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Date of Publication: 16 March, 2017
Interview with Cristina Macina - Global Internal Communication and Engagement Strategy Manager at the Nestlé headquarter in Switzerland - on how this role is changing and adapting to new challenges.

Hi Cristina, what does it mean to work for such a complex and big reality like Nestlé?

I feel very privileged to work for Nestlé, in one of the most international, fulfilling and inspiring working environment I have ever experienced. I enjoy my job as it gives me the opportunity to do strategic work and to learn, share, adapt and develop every day. I have been working for Nestlé for the last 14 years in a number of countries and roles and I really appreciate the sheer number of careers you can have without leaving the company, because there are so many opportunities to grow.


And have you experienced a change in Internal Communication due to the social digital evolution that has impacted our society?

I am convinced that interpersonal communication remains paramount in connecting and engaging employees. Nonetheless digital - and technology in general – have changed significantly the internal communication scenario. Increased transparency, visibility, more frequent interactions, content co-creation are some of the main benefits I see. Technology and digital are offering us even more opportunities to inform, connect and dialogue with employees. What remains key, obviously is to continue to leverage the right contents for the right channels and media.


Do you see the role of internal communication evolving?

The role of internal communication is evolving rapidly and becoming more strategic. Organizations realize the positive impact effective communication and engaged employees have on business performance. Employee engagement gives organizations an edge in the market and has a real impact on financial performances and company results.


When it comes to corporate values, different companies look the same. What is differentiating Nestlé according to you?

A strong company culture based on shared values is key when we talk about engaged employees. Today it is even more important because millennials are the majority of our employees.  Millennials want to work for companies that have a clear sense of purpose and strong values. Communication plays a big role in this but when it comes to building a values based culture, actions speak louder than words. In other terms values have to be lived. That’s the differentiating factor I see in Nestlé. The Nestlé values unite our 330.000 people across the world and are the point of reference and the compass that guide actions of employees.

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