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How to select the right intern

28 October, 2014

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Date of Publication: 28 October, 2014
An intern can make all the difference in the world. A young person, who is willing to learn and focused on the job will make your life easier. On the other hand a picky person can cause problems in the workplace. That’s why it is extremely important to conduct an in-depth interview with an intern in the first place.

Many complain that even interns with great grades perform poorly when faced with the daily routine of office life.

The tendency amongst the newest generation reveals a lack of self-consciousness making it difficult to guide them: sometimes they cannot judge the quality of their own output.

For them, meeting someone else’s expectations becomes almost impossible.

When you interview your potential intern, you have to make sure you hire, even if temporarily, a person you can mould to a certain extent.

Here are some tips to help you along the way:

1. Make sure he or she is a good listener

Paradoxically, the first step of the interview should involve an introductory speech about the job, the company and the team. Then the candidate should speak about his or her personal experiences and you will see how effectively your speech translates into his or her words.

2. Previous performance screening

The easiest scenario is that of a candidate who has already performed tasks similar to those you are hiring for. However, if you are facing someone who has never worked before, you can try to assess his or her capabilities by inquiring about exam results. Why? For example, you could have a candidate with high grades in the hardest courses and low grades in the easiest ones. This means that the person in front of you needs to be stimulated, perhaps even challenged, when confronted with a task. In this case you should ask yourself: “Do I or the team I’m working with have the time to address such a need? Is the candidate’s job worth all the fuss?”.

3. Test

If you have the chance, simulate on-the-job situations during the interview to see how the candidate will actually perform in a real work setting.
These tips will allow you to use your selection criteria effectively and help you understand which candidate is more likely to fit into your company culture.

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