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How to ask and get a pay raise

22 July, 2014

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Date of Publication: 22 July, 2014
The present economic downturn makes you feel it is not quite the time to ask for it. But experts say it’s always the right moment to state your case.

As we all know, companies are suffering and many has stopped handing out raises. Yet, when is tied to performance, it’s always time to ask and change your pay check, as long as you have some leverage.

That is: as long as your request is legitimated by performance and evidences.

How to state your case properly.

Keep track of your achievements and remember: you’re the only one in charge of it. No one is going to remind you that you did something great.

Plus, if your company has just been through a laid off process, you are now maybe doing the job of two former workers. Don’t forget to mention it.

Research as much as possible to figure out the fair amount of raise you deserve.

Be sure you have someone to back you up, who’s willing to endorse you.

You should start it on a positive note: how much you enjoy working for your company, how committed you are and underline that you feel your job description has actually expanded in the last year or so. Then move on to the fact that you are aware that the company is not handing out raises, but state why you should be an exception. Here, your “achievements file” really comes in hand.

Hint that you want to discuss your career growth.

Do not threaten with outside offers (unless you have actually received them), do not tell a sob story, just stick to your accomplishments and values.

Prepare to be patient: it is unlikely that you will receive a positive answer on the spot. In the days that follows your request, work as you always do and try not to feel disheartened.


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