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18 November, 2014

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Date of Publication: 18 November, 2014
This year’s Forbes Global 2000 has cited China as home to three of the world’s biggest public companies on the combined basis of their revenues, profits, assets and market value. But what does the workforce have to say about them?

Forbes Global 2000 aims to create an overall picture of the world’s mega companies.

Global 2000 analysis has revealed that just over 60 countries worldwide are home to the top 2000 companies, together employing 90 million people worldwide with revenues of $38 trillion, profits of $3 trillion, assets worth $161 trillion and a market value of $44 trillion.

China, for the first time ever, ranks first with the world’s three biggest public companies, with a further two out of the top ten. State-controlled Chinese bank ICBC holds onto its No.1 slot for two years running though, while China Construction Bank now takes second place and Agricultural Bank of China comes third.

The jointly awarded King’s crown for the other five companies in the top ten list goes to the USA (with J.P. Morgan #4, Berkshire Hathaway #5, Exxon Mobile #6, General Electric #7 and Wells Fargo #8). The US is also the country with the most Global 2000 companies with a whopping 564.

In this generalised picture of wealth on a global level, one thing seems out of tune: there’s no overlap with another rank, that of the Best Companies To Work For (source: Great Place to Work®). The criteria are certainly different, of course, though it may seem a little surprising that the wealthiest companies in the world seem to be those that take rather less care of their employees.

In this particular rank, though, the US holds onto its crown with Google and Sas Institute ranking respectively #1 and #2. The other top companies are Netapp, W.l. Gore & Associaties, Belcorp, Microsoft, Marriot, Monsanto, Cisco and American Express (the US, therefore, proves itself to be the leader in harbouring “good for the workers” companies).

Although Global 2000 does not imply that it represents a list of the best companies to work for, just as the Best Companies To Work For list does not rank poorly performing companies, we, nevertheless, hope for a long-awaited overlap of the two listings in 2015.

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