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Food chains in the UK. The importance of storytelling

28 March, 2018

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Date of Publication: 28 March, 2018
A brief talk with Alessandro Bianchetti – CEO of "Buongiorno e Buonasera", a new Italian restaurant chain in the UK. A privileged point of view to discover the new dynamics of a market where - in addition to the quality of the food they offer - the communication concept is growing in importance.

Hello Alessandro, you’ve just opened your third "Buongiorno e Buonasera" eatery in the UK; this time in London, on the legendary Baker Street, an ambitious choice for a brand launched just two years ago. 

It is a brave but essential step to take if you want to be visible to potential investors. You can have dozens of restaurants in the UK but unless you open up in London, it's hard to build a reputation. In recent years, London has become the global food showcase.
Here you can find the most innovative business formats, and since today there’s also "Buongiorno e Buonasera" in one of the most central streets of the capital. Our eatery is getting great success and we already have several investors interested in the development of our brand.
Therefore, I would say that it was the right choice to make.

We could mention many names of food & beverage chains in London and in the UK. Facing such fierce competition, what is the secret of your success?

Consistency. You have to build a project with a strong unique selling proposition and a powerful marketing identity. The quality of your products is not enough, and even very well-known Italian chefs, who have tried to set up here, closed just after a few months. Figures show that eight Italians out of ten, who try the food adventure in London go under because they think it's enough just to offer good food. "Buongiorno e Buonasera", instead, offers the oval-shaped Roman pizza as its strong point, and everything else revolves around it. You have to know how to communicate this in the menu, in the furnishings, through the words written on the walls and in ad hoc publications. Storytelling is not just hot air, but a necessary aspect for nowadays business in today’s world.

Does the quality of the product then take second place?

Quality is part of the story you create around your brand. Nowadays, people in England value healthy food and new trends in vegetarian and vegan cuisine. So the menu must absolutely reflect these choices. People have understood that health is where it’s at.

How important are social networks and public reviews for the success of a format?

Very much so. Marketing team plays a vital role in managing these platforms, spreading word of mouth and building an unconventional communication system, where promotion can be carried out in a less explicit way. Recently, an important Arabic food blogger left a positive review about a restaurant in London and, thanks to his many followers, its turnover quadrupled.
The goal is to turn customers into real fans.

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