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EXPO 2015: Feed the future

24 February, 2015

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Date of Publication: 24 February, 2015
EXPO 2015 is just around the corner, with the countries competing to finalize their pavilions and furnishing them with the latest available technology. The main theme “Feed the planet, energy for life” aims to create a different, more sustainable future for everyone, creating a new common ground for our planet. Taking place in Milan, it has already changed the city so much in the last years, one can’t help but to be curious to see what is going to happen.

EXPO 2015 is going to be a platform to share knowledge among international players on nutrition and related resources to reach a fundamental goal: feed the whole planet in a sustainable way.Each and every participant will bring its best practices for everyone to know, for everyone to reapply.

Ambassadors of the like of Jeremy Rifkin, Deepak Ravindran and many others are going to have a huge role in the whole event, taking the challenge to the next level.

Why it is important to be there?

EXPO 2015 has a lot at stake and from what we can see it could really contribute to change some of the stereotypes we have on many countries, which are going to be revealed as surprising innovation bearers.

More over, it is a chance to take a collective journey of knowledge through something that is apparently simple – food - from a new wider perspective, one that involves sustainability and innovation: future. The whole city of Milan will be open up to round tables on the theme or innovation applied to food production and creation. It will be a chance to discover new dishes, from different angles: production, creativity, recipes…

The numbers

More than 145 countries involved, within 4 themed areas. Some will have dedicated pavilions, some will be clustered together, according to a specific food-theme. 29.000.000 visitors expected from May 1st to October 31st.

More than EXPO

Italy is taking its chance with EXPO and it is ready to be rediscovered as a land of beauties and enchantment. The EXPO location itself, Milan, can become a base to discover the North of the country – it will take you only two hours to reach Venice or Bologna. And make sure to add some days extra to reach the South, especially if you are planning to be there in May, June or October: it will be all yours.

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