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Building a Digital Resume

24 June, 2014

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Date of Publication: 24 June, 2014
More interactions, more information, more chances to find your dream job.

Why a digital resume? The first thing an employer or HR responsible will do, once they’ve narrowed down the number of candidates for a position, is to Google their names: they’ll look for them in the Internet.

 If up until 5 years ago you only needed a good word written CV, the ability to impress during an interview and a recommendation letter, this is no longer the case. You have to project your working persona on the Internet and be sure to be both present and visible in the right way. That’s why we say “build a digital resume” instead of simply writing it.

 These are the main ups of a well up-dated digital resume:

  • Recruiters can find you, instead of the other way around;
  • It works for you 24/7 and in every part of the world;
  • You can link it to whatever other websites and social networks you are currently using, so that you can display a much more complete and lively profile (yet be sure to use them wisely).

As per the creation of a digital resume, you have thousands of possibilities and apps you can find online that will help you create something that speaks for you and stands out.

Since Facebook switched to the diary formula, it sets the bar. Now, every digital resume provider will articulate your personal history in a more compelling and interesting way, giving you the tools you to add images, videos, to create info-graphics and prompting you to include info pertaining to your networks, ranging from:

  • Linkedin;
  • Klout;
  • Pinterest;
  • Twitter;
  • Recommendations from your colleagues and friends, who will also be traceable with just one click.

One difference you have to keep in mind when publishing a so enriched digital resume is that the parts that comes form your social network are constantly updated, so that you have to keep an eye on it. E.g. you Klout score could be awesome one week and let you down the month after.

 The best way you can arrange you resume should to start by thinking out of the box, choosing carefully what do you stand for as a job candidate and think of tell it as a story. Then you have to choose the bits of stories you want to tell and how. You can represent your job history as a pie chart, assigning to each sector the job experience and the mansion you had in a certain company. Or you will want to add a video pertaining a project you were responsible for.

Don’t be afraid to go for “too much”. In 2009, a 28 years old Brownstein, a copywriter who was looking for a job, came up with the idea of purchasing the names of his potential employers (some of the most famous Creative Directors of the US) on Google AdWords, so that every time they would google their own names, they’ll end up find Brownstein’s invitation to hire him and to take a look to his own site, where he had his resume and portfolio.

His bet proved to be successful. He landed the job of his dream and it only costs him 6 dollars: those he paid for Google AdWords.


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