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In Job cities: discovering Warsaw

01 July, 2014

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Date of Publication: 01 July, 2014
This is the first article of a series to discover, through In Job, the best cities to work right now, the ones filled with opportunity.

Some are rising stars, some are well established. But what does it fill like, for real, to live in this foreign, cosmopolitan cities?Warsaw: rated the second city of Europe when it comes to attract companies, the capital city of Poland is a young, hard-working yet culturally compelling place. The face of the “New Europe”, this city is a colourful melting-pot of Brazilians, Italians, Northern-Americans, French and Eastern Europeans.

A growing number of expats is, in fact, changing the city from the inside, bringing new and different cultural backgrounds and making it possible to survive and work with English, even though Polish is strongly recommended: to enrol in one of the many Polish classes organized in the city is a good way to acquire a basic knowledge of the language, showing at least the due respect to a city ready to welcome newcomers.

Warsaw: where to live.

Speaking of school and education, if you are moving with your family, there are many International Schools options where your children can go. If this is the case, you will want to live in Wilanòw (a very posh district, also famous for the “Polish Versailles”) or Praga (where the majority of the French expats are and where French schools blossom).

Singles and young couples will find a perfect place in Śródmieście (where the financial, historical, culture and representative souls of the city are) or Ochota, the district nearby. The latter (where many a big company are, e.g. Bayer) represents the best access to the first one, which is the very heart of the city, full of cinemas and restaurants.

Ursinow is a purely residential district, well connected to centre of the city. With a choice of old buildings and new ones, with a protected natural reserve (Las Kabacki), the average age of its inhabitants is the lowest in all Warsaw.

Companies in Warsaw

As strange as it can sound, Warsaw is the “Orthopaedic capital of the worldTM, home to Zimmer, Biomet and many others. But also in Warsaw, you can find Accenture, P&G, Orange, DeLoitte, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Samsung and countless more.

The city new course seems to be diversification, so that your own background can really bring a strong point of difference to the companies.

The surprise: women’s role

A last note is mandatory, given the growing number of women among expats ranks. Warsaw appears to be very different from the rest of Poland and women and men are treated equally. Take into account that is a process, though, and customs are changing towards this direction, instead of being established for years.

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