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Be a PwC Consultant in Poland

28 December, 2015

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Date of Publication: 28 December, 2015
Interview with Magdalena Czernicka, Strategy and Operations Team Manager for PricewaterhouseCoopers in Warsaw. A deep-dive into her job and her professional world.

Magdalena, can you explain us some details about your tasks?

My team works with clients on process optimization, strategy, restructuring and development projects. As a manager I'm mainly responsible for project delivery within schedule and budget. I gather the team and plan the work. I also face the project to the client and I'm responsible for deliverables. A deliverable might be a report or a specific change implemented, like the purchase of its system and its implementation. Internally, managers must comply with certain PwC procedures. I'm also encouraged to create leads and prepare proposals and take part in negotiations. So, the scope of work is wide. Of course we are not on our own: we have directors and partners who support us when needed.


Is there a daily routine? 

As a consultant, I don't have a daily routine - my day depends on on-going projects, their specifics and schedule. It might be office work, meetings of different kind and level or deliverables preparation. This is what we call project work. 


What's the thing you love about your position? 

I’d say it’s diversity that project work brings. Different tasks, different people and new challenges all the time.  


And what's the most difficult? 

Time pressure might be difficult. 


How is your job changing with innovation? 

For example, do you use Skype with clients? 

PwC works on being innovative all the time. Not only when dealing client communication but also in our services. 

In communication both within the company as well as outside, we use a lot of "remote" communication tools. Video and telephone conferences, Webex that allows to share documents and work simultaneously in real time, common discs, project repositories with access for all project members on both sides and others. Personally I don't use Skype because we have specialized tools that allow to easily create a conference for multiple users all around the world. We also have a rich e-learning library.


Do you sometimes work from home?

A lot. PwC is very flexible and the way you work depends on what you have to do and what you agree with your boss on. Not only place but also hours are flexible as long as the work is done.


You’re a manager of PwC, one of the "big four" auditors, in your opinion what's the best plus to work in souch prestigious company?

It gives you access to very broad knowledge sources and experience of people around the world. It is also a big responsibility because this prestige is built on trust and every one of us must comply with rules that keep our clients on the safe side. 


We often talk about equal opportunity man/woman at work. 

What's your experience? 

I don't feel mistreated in any way. I believe I have the same opportunity to develop as my male colleagues. Ideas and strong motivation count. 


Poland is one of the European countries who didn't experience the crisis. Would you recommend to a foreign manager 

of any industry to look for a position in your country? 

Is there a language problem?

In multinational companies there are plenty of foreign managers. In our office it is also common. I believe that language problem does not exist in the big four and other big companies with international brands. 


Last question. Give a tip to a graduate who wants a career like yours. Does it require a specific academic background? Which soft skills he/she should have?

PwC is open to graduates from different majors but we look for specific set of skills - English, analytical thinking, ability to communicate in a clear way. We invite graduates to test and assessment centres and offer them opportunity to go through different teams and try different things. The best stay with us.

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