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5 tips for your new job

18 March, 2015

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Date of Publication: 18 March, 2015
First and foremost: congrats on your new job. If you have been looking for a new job, there must be a reason. Money, career opportunities, job opportunities, or you found yourself no more aligned with your previous managers’ vision. Whatever the case, you have chosen to move on.

1. Be flexible

Use the know-how you have stored as a leverage not as a burden.

Do not stumble on rules, company culture, hard or soft contents that applied perfectly in your old office but do not fit the new environment.

Resist the temptation to hide yourself behind what you have learned before and try and be open to the new scenario, using your knowledge as a tool to sharpen your vision, not to cloud it.

2. Develop positive relationships

New co-workers, managers, and bosses: they all can help you into making your learning process faster.

Listen to them, do not over trust them when their talk becomes gossipy (they may have developed their own bias and you don’t want to be influenced one way or another too soon), be honest, humble and offer your opinion and your point of view as a proper team player.

3. Get to know the company’s key players

The settling-in period may vary, but depending on the company and the reason for your hire, you will have 30-90 days: use them wisely to get to know people and their roles, network and to build alliances.

4. Ask for feedback and learn from your boss

Do not be afraid to ask for feedback: you are going to need them in order to reach a high level in your performance while having to learn a variety of topics and ways that may differ from yours.

5. Show people you are serious

State your intentions within the confines of the job, arrange a series of short meetings (depending on the company and your role, they can be either formal or informal) for over the course of a few weeks to ensure both you and the people you are working with remain on the same page.

Be sure your personal agenda is set: you have to keep in mind what you want to achieve in order to understand if the new place will be “the” place, or if it can at least provide you with the experience you are going to need to become exactly what you want to.

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