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5 tips for the new manager

02 September, 2014

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Date of Publication: 02 September, 2014
One hint: you should always start to work from yourself.

To become a new manager in a company often comes with a lot of pressure and very little guidance.

No matter if you were newly hired or promoted internally, you are expected to be a goals machine, focused on the target, whatever it may be.

Moreover, it often feels like a “sandwich situation”: you have to meet both expectations from above and below.

Here are some tips to avoid mistakes and be totally in control.

1. Own your job description.

As a manager, your first duty is to manage yourself. Find your objectives and define how to meet them – realistically – taking into account how you can make your team able to be as productive as possible.

 2. Determine your team output.

Your company may not have a clear long-term strategy: today markets require flexibility, so the plans may vary month per month. Yet, this situation must not find you and your group stuck. Providing that the output definition may change again and again, it is better to definite it and keep on delivering on given plans. This will also help you to find out what works better.

3. No changes to change.

Unless you’re entering a crisis situation, do not make major changes right away: you need to know the situation and make yourself trusted by the team before altering the status quo. Then, providing you are sharing the logic behind your decision, you can start and mould your team way of work according to what you think it’s better.

 4.  Never complain, always explain.

A clear communication between you and your team is vital. Make sure you state the objectives of the group and the outputs for each and every person. Explain your vision, share your thoughts, be clear on your communication preferences: teach your group how to meet your targets.

 5.  Delegate!

As strange as it could seem, to delegate is one of the toughest task you are going to face in the first few months of your new job. Remember: every time you centre too much work on yourself, your employees are not able to do their job effectively; therefore they are likely to be paid too much.

And by the way, break a leg and congrats on your new job.

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