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5 signs it’s time to quit your job

08 July, 2014

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Date of Publication: 08 July, 2014
Stressed, grim, bored? You might be ready to move on to a new experience.

It’s not always easy to understand that your job is wearing thin for you.

Something that gave you confidence, satisfaction, knowledge in the past is somehow letting you down today, and you are debating with yourself whether it is you or… not.

Here are the 5 main signs it’s time to change and move on to a new working experience, because there is one thing you should never neglect: a job is not only a matter of money.

Since it represents a good part of your day, it’s also a matter of wellbeing.

1. The company you are working for is sinking.

As much as loyalty is a good thing, you should consider that there is only this much you can do and that your first concern should be yourself and your dear ones.

2. You feel the management is not investing in your skills, nor considering them valuable.

If the direction undertaken by the company is no longer one in which you can give an actual contribution and as a result you are starting to be perceived more as an arm than a brain, just go, as fast as you can. You are wasting yourself.

3. Stress is affecting your health.

Headache, stomach-ache, pain in general are the simplest signs something is not longer working and health is really something not to waste away on a principle.

4. You are not as good as you used to be.

Maybe it’s just that you gave all that you have to give to “the cause” and you need new stimulus: go and find it.

5. You find yourself constantly whining.

Everything happening at work makes you feel miserable or a victim: well, this is not in your job description, nor in anyone’s, for what it matters. Do not fall in love with feeling bad and inject new energy by starting over.

Change, as frightening as it seems, especially when you are feeling low, is the best thing you can do for yourself. Often, we see ex colleagues blossoming thanks to a new environment, while those who stick despite feeling unwanted or simply unwell are simply setting themselves for an even deeper downfall.

If you read the signs, do yourself a favour: change.


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