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The 3 pillars of a top seller’s mindset

02 November, 2017

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Date of Publication: 02 November, 2017
Have you ever wondered why sales is such a dynamic field? Why so many people in sales fancy the idea of becoming the best? Maybe it’s because “sales” is just the business label for a deeply human activity: connecting with people and creating outcomes together. As a consequence, becoming a top performer in sales resonates with being your best possible self. And just like with self-improvement, even the smartest techniques won’t go far if you don’t turn on your “winner mindset” first.

Love what you do

You can’t rise that much above mediocrity when you are driven by unlively feelings. Love is action. “Love your company” means you should act as if you were a founding member, taking all the responsibilities for how everything is - or is not - going forward. “Love your customer” means you’ll have to listen first, then answer with your products and services. Your goal shall be solving problems more than closing sales. “Love yourself” means acting as if you were the best, already. Not out of arrogance, but to crush your fears before they can hold you back.


Be ambitious every day

As we said, many people fancy the idea of being the best. Fewer people really want it, and even fewer act on it and succeed.

Stop thinking that being the best is just a dream. It is a concrete goal and must be treated as such. Write it down and let it be your guide every day. Goals have the power to tidy up your mind. Spend your wandering moments thinking about your ambitions instead of your problems: the boost in morale and effectiveness is proven and remarkable.


Plan and execute

As your thoughts and feelings sustain your action, be sure to let things work also the other way around. Planning is key: when you start your day with a plan, your hours become three times more effective - so that ambition is sustained and your love for what you do is properly nourished.

Plan for your objectives and not for your hopes! Life will get in the way, always. Save buffer time, buffer days, even buffer weeks. Execute regularly and fast but plan with no rush. Put one foot in front of the other.

You’ve now set in motion a relentless progress towards being the best. Meanwhile, have a look at those who are already the best ones. Study them. Copy them. Ask for advice, if they work with you.

If you want to know how to lead the way, you should follow the leader first.

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